Get To Know Your Farmers – The Bain Family

The last time you went to your local farmers market, did you notice how they recognized you and perhaps even called you by name as you approached the table? They likely asked about your family and already knew what produce your were looking for. It is that personal touch that we desire to have with all our customers. I personally am pretty bad with names but faces – those I remember.

Although we only began to farm seriously around 2017, growing food is something that has deep roots in both Terry’s childhood and my own. We really enjoy getting to know you guys. In fact, your stories really inspire us to keep doing what we do. However, today we open the door on our own story…

Terry was born and raised in Miami, FL. His father’s side of the family immigrated into the states from the Bahamas. Terry would spend Summers here in Alabama with his mother’s side of the family, just in time to harvest field peas and blueberries. Truthfully, he would have rather have been doing anything else!


So when I expressed the desire to expand our home garden to a full on operation – it was a real hard sell! However Terry has always been so supportive of my goals and so instrumental in helping me reach them. That I is the open minded part of him that I love. Thanks to it, today he sees things a bit differently! Though working a 9 to 5 and volunteering as a Bible educator, he has been at the helm of all the huge projects here at Bain Home Gardens as the hardest working laborer, think tank, and financier. Pictured above working through the heat, Terry really does NOT like taking pictures! Can you tell?

Terry is a bit of a technological geek. He is really good with gadgets, computers, tablets – really anything with a circuit board! So when he tells his family that he is farming now you can imagine the surprise. He keeps my devices going so that I can manage the behind the scenes of Bain Home Gardens and after nearly 20 years as husband and wife, I’d be lost without him! He has always been so supportive of my goals and helping me to reach them even if they seem way up in the stars. I can honestly say there would be no Bain Home Gardens without my Terry.

By trade I am a nurse. Since 2010 health limitations have prevented me from practicing in the healthcare field. However, I cannot deny that I am a nurturer at heart. I keep my nursing license for volunteer projects. Besides, I WORKED HARD FOR IT! For the last 10 years I have been able to explore other passions such as Bible ministry, photography, and my latest – FARMING! I find it interesting how all of my loves lend to each other. My love of the bible lends to farming – did you know how many farming references there are in the Bible?! Working closely with nature, you see just how wonderfully our Creator designed the planet! Nurturing plants from seed to harvest, at times even nursing them back to health, taps into my caretaker side. And someone has to take photos of all of the spectacular beauty – right?


I am the oldest of two children. While my mom and dad were married for about 13 years, since the age of 11, my brother and I were raised by a single mother who had the best green thumb ever! She always had a garden no matter where we lived. It always started with flowers and ended with vegetables. I took no real interest in it until after her death. Mom’s death really made me take stock in my personal life and health but also that of all in the family. Chronic allergies, arthritis, asthma, eczema, and other conditions we were dealing with could all be improved by a balanced diet of organic produce. A family of four, on one income, eating organically – NOT AFFORDABLE! So we began to grow our own organic produce and never looked back!

Next we have the children of Bain Home Gardens. Our oldest, at 19 years old is Jarod. He is currently completing his career trade locally at George C Wallace Community College. He does quite a bit for the farm despite his school and Bible ministry schedule. He likes working with his hands which I put to good use! Although taking agriculture courses his senior year, he decided to take a different path with schooling which we readily support.

Our baby girl is Thai (pronounced Ty). She is 12 years old going on 45! She assists with harvesting and cleaning of produce though her favorite job is that of tasting freshly made jams and jellies. Those that know Thai know that she is a talker and while she got it honestly, she still surprises me with how she can hold her own in conversations on god, farming, and more!

Both of our kids were and are schooled at home. This has to be the biggest benefit to me no longer punching the clock! It also makes for really, really interesting days. I could write a book! However, we are all the more closer and quite honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So the next time you see us at a farmers market or other event you will have our story. We hope that getting to know a little about us and how we began our journey will help you to see this is no passing phase. This is a life change for us and we are in it for the long haul!