The Going Ons – May 2022

Hey there guys! April is gone and May has arrived! We have so much growing! Along with all the growth there is also some disappointments. Come along and we’ll tell you all about it!

Trials & Pollination Issues

This year we are running a couple of trials. First let’s talk about the tomato trials. We started several new varieties of indeterminate varieties along with our standard varieties back in January. Among these are: Pink Bumblebee, Purple Bumblebee, Green Zebra, Sun Gold, and Sweet Million. All of these have been planted in the high tunnel. Here lies the problem… In our First Farmers Market In Years video we finally figured out what was happening with our bees! We have a large tree that flowers on the end of our property. It is as far from the high tunnel as it can be. THAT IS WHERE THE BEES ARE! This is nothing new as the bees always swarm this tree. This year however they seem to be totally satisfied STAYING RIGHT THERE! Imagine that. So what we have been forced to do is to hand pollinate our plants in the high tunnel and even some in the raised beds! This has meant more work for us on the farm and time that we really do not have, however, the farmer does what she must.

As far as health of these new tomato plants they are great and very vigorous! They are also full of flowers! Each morning that we hand pollinate we are looking for tomatoes but nothing yet. We are however optimistic.

The Three Sisters trial is looking really good! For our squash we planted pumpkins, yellow squash, and some zucchini. At first the squash seemed stunted. After a couple of rains however they have really taken off! We planted a purple bean for the pole bean so we can see the beans easily when harvest time arrives. If you follow our journey then you know that we have struggled year after year with growing corn. We are hoping by doing this trial where our compost pile was will contribute to the overall health of the plants here and hopefully increase our yields.


We have harvested all of our carrots! We didn’t have the abundant harvest that we had last year but of course we are happy for whatever we can get! Onions on the other hand are looking better than ever! This is quite ironic since we thought our onions were not doing well this year because so many were going to seed. We did find that the ones that were not are indeed growing quite well. In fact, we began harvesting them this week for a farmers market that we participated in yesterday! Most of those sold and what was left will be used in my very first home grown vegetable broth and our first onion salt blend! We have at least two full beds of onions left to harvest and they will be harvested this month.

We sampled the leeks and they are just not as big as we hoped. We likely wont be selling many but what is harvested will become a part of our home goods for the year – sauces, salsas, spice blends, and broth.

Growth As A Homesteader

It is one thing to learn to grown various vegetables and fruits but we have learned that it is whole other thing entirely to learn to use convert those items into something your family needs and will really use. As a business entity too we must convert these things into something that the general public needs and will buy. It is a challenge to figure this out but over time we have really grown in this regard. Over the last week we worked hard aggregating several produce items in to marketable products and also something we can use as well. We used our dehydrated spices to make seasoning salts. We used fresh herbs to make bread, used dehydrated herbs and berries to make tea blends, and we used frozen peppers to make hot sauce. We featured all of these at the farmers market we attended yesterday. They were a hit! Of course we saved some for ourselves, however, what what was left for the public is being added to our online store. Along with the aforementioned items we also butchered a hen for the first time and used her to make 11 pints of chicken broth seasoned with our own homegrown herbs. We then used the meat in a pasta dish for dinner. Win-win!

Taking what we grew ourselves and making pantry products that we can use to save money at the grocery store is so rewarding! There is the unfortunate result of becoming a bit of a food snob… nobody is perfect.


On this months docket is potatoes – sweet and fingerling, Asian greens, white onions, succession planting of squash, zucchini, green onions, basil, and cilantro.

I cannot mention planting without mentioning that we are delayed on our planting. We decided to support another source this year for some seeds and seed potatoes. In January we made an order to Urban Farmer. We just received our sweet potatoes yesterday ahead of the fingerling seed potatoes which we prefer to plant by mid-February. We found that Urban Farmer’s shipping schedule is a little later than what we are used to after the fact but that is on us. We had resigned to the fact that we would be planting them late due to our error. We tried calling, leaving messages, and sent emails trying to speak to someone in customer service about shipping concerns as the potatoes were not all we ordered. Kiwi plants and grapes were included on this order. We also ordered onions which are, as you can see above being harvested now but by their schedule are only being shipped mid – April for our Zone. Again this is our error as we assumed that as a seed company they would have accurate growing information and ship accordingly as have every other source for the staple items.

Yesterday when we opened the sweet potato slips we were very disappointed. We know plants don’t look great when they arrive but this has to be the worst any plants we have ever purchased on line have looked. We have since placed them in water and are trying to determine if we should even bother planting them.

I want to mention that all the seeds that we have ordered from Urban Farmer arrived promptly and are growing very well we just cannot recommend them for live plants, seed potatoes, or onion sets. As of today I have not received a call in response to the two voicemails or a response to the email. They do advertise a 100% satisfaction guarantee but I’m wondering how does one go about this process with no communication.

Gift Boxes

We hope to make these gift boxes available each month with varying contents. These little boxes make great gifts for that special someone in your life. This months contents are one votive candle and two of our 4 ounce spice blends. These can be delivered locally to the address you choose within our city limits or we can ship them for you. If you require shipping please contact us prior to purchase.


We have really dropped off with our video production this month and we want to apologize. We are looking to be back on tract with that this month!

By the next time we communicate, we will have attended our first big farmers market and we hope to have much good to report from it! Till then – from our family to yours!

Our First Farmer’s Market in YEARS – LITERALLY!

It has been quite some time since we have been able to say, “WE WELCOME YOU TO JOIN US AT THIS SATURDAY’S FARMERS MARKET”! Well that felt great!

You can find us at 2 The Olive Fruit Saturday, April 30th from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. We are thrilled to be hosted by Louis & Jackie Cameron the owners of 2 The Olive Fruit! They have organized a fun event with food and music. There will be other vendors there from other farmers (Hawkins Homestead Farm), arts and crafts (Too Cute 2 Craft) vendors for those looking for the perfect gift for that special person in your life, and MORE!

We plan to have good variety of products for you to choose from:

  • Eggs
  • Kale
  • Onions
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Spice Blends
  • Tea Blends & more!
3-D Banner Sign by Too Cute 2 Craft by Therri C

The owners of the @ The Olive Fruit are rewarding purchases from vendors on site with 10% off coupon at their store! Just bring in what you purchased as proof! This really is shaping up to be a great event! We have noticed the weather forecast has been fluctuating over the last few days and we are keeping a close eye on it. If plans change we will most certainly let you know – from our family to yours!

The Goings On – April 2022

Hey there friends! We hope that your and yours are doing well! As for us – whew have things been busy on the farm! Check out what has been going on!


April showers bring May flowers they say and we can really appreciate that since we will begin delivering Flowers by BHG on May 1st! We have planted flowers in succession on the farm to ensure that we have a steady supply of flowers ready to go! We have planted Lilies, Dahlias, Marigolds, Zinnias, Sunflowers, and Calendula just to name a few. We will continue to succession plant through the Spring to ensure we have plenty of variety for the Summer.

We plant flowers for many reasons. Primarily we want to attract and feed the pollinators. We are working hard to understand the native pollinator varieties and get them established on the property. In turn we hope the pollinators thank us by doing what they do – pollinating! We have literally changed the way we grow for them. For instance, when brassicas go to seed, we used to be quick to pull them and replant. Now we leave them to allow the bees to feed for a bit first.

Another benefit of planting various flowers is the attraction of beneficial insects. The property above ours (from which we are down hill) has a ravine that collects water. You know that this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes! Every year we fight with them as we work in the high tunnel. It is not fun. We now have added reason to be concerned due to our chickens and rabbits sharing this space with us. We have to protect them as well! Therefore this year we are hoping to get Rudbeckia varieties established that are known to attract dragonflies such as Giant Coneflower and Black-Eyed Susan. Yarrow too is a perennial on our list that also attracts the dragonfly. We are also considering planting Cattail along the perimeter separating the two properties. That plan however is still under research.

We also want to do what we can to attract ladybugs and lacewings. Fortunately, most of the herbs we usually plant yearly help out here – cilantro, fennel, thyme, and dill are all frequently visited by ladybugs. We are finding too that they love marigolds and sunflowers. Lacewings and ladybugs share a common interest in yarrow. In fact it seems all of the good guys love yarrow! I wish I had done a deep dive into this research when we first started farming because if I had many of these plants would already be established. We cannot change the past. We can only effect change to the future. Let this be a lesson to you though!

Hummingbirds too enjoy eating mosquitos. So we have been planting with them in mind. Hummingbirds are said to love red flowers so we have kept that in mind when planning things out. We already have Red Cypress growing wild all over the farm which the hummingbirds visit regularly. However, it is not in the location that is heaviest with the mosquito population. We are looking into Trumpet Honeysuckle for this purpose. We also have established Bee Balm or Wild Bergamot. Although it is not red it seems that hummingbirds enjoy it as well. We are working on a video that will go into more detail about this particular farm journey. Stay tuned for that.

Planting Delays

If you will recall that last year we simply forgot to order sweet potato slips for the season. That was very disappointing and we were determined to not allow that to happen this year so we ordered early. We did order from a new supplier which has proven to be a problem. Our sweet potatoes as well as standard potatoes are not here YET! Needless to say we are pretty annoyed as we expected them to be here no later than mid-March which is late for us but given that we were starting behind for the season we were okay with that. However its now April! I have no idea how this is going to impact our plan for the year however at this point there is nothing we can do except remain adaptable and go with the flow. Along with the shipment of potatoes our grapes and kiwi plants have also been delayed. While the kiwi is more of an investment of time, the grapes could potentially yield fruit this season IF planted soon enough! Time will tell.

Raised Bed Issues

When we first started farming we started in pots and raised beds. Many of our raised beds are at least 4 years old. Last year we noticed some deterioration of a couple of beds and knew they would need replacing this year. Well now that the season is in full swing we have realized that more beds than we thought need replacing! This is not the time to buy wood. We have been slowly rebuilding our front and back decks/porches as hubby has had time to work on them. As we have we have noticed the prices steadily creeping up. So we are at a loss when it comes to rebuilding these raised beds at a reasonable cost.

One option that came to mind is to make the switch to modular metal raised beds. This would be a very costly investment however these beds have a 20 year life expectancy. That is appealing in itself! Another option is to stay with the wood beds and switch to a longer lasting wood like cedar. Cedar raised beds are said to last 10 – 15 years however, it too is cost prohibitive. As the season get into full swing and we are able to get back to farmers markets and increase revenue for the farm we will be in a better position to be able to address this challenge.

High Tunnel Planting

March was busy for Hoopty! We moved in a bunch of home grown compost on 3 and a half rows for planting. On those rows we planted tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and tomatillos. They are all growing very nicely. In fact we have already had to prune the tomatoes! About a week after they were pruned they started to put on blossoms. By the time this blog is published I’m sure they will have opened and there will be plenty of yellow flowers in Hoopty! Last year we harvested our first tomatoes in June but I do believe we will be a tad bit earlier this year! That is fine by me! We are growing so many new varieties this year and honestly there is a bit of nervousness with that especially since we are all out of our home canned tomato products. We are hopeful that things go well. If the health of the tomatoes at this time are any indication then I think we will be just fine!

This weekend we plan to get squash, zucchini and cucumbers set out in the high tunnel. We are planting our squash on the same side we had our Marigolds on last year. This is an adjustment but it will assist us in adding another layer of protection for our zucchini and squash. We will also be planting basil along with these cucurbits to reduce pest pressure.

Once the zucchini, squash, and cucumbers are planted the high tunnel will be nearly full! It feels so good to look at it and see all the transplants and know we grew each and every one of them from seed ourselves. We gently cared for them and nurtured them till they were ready to be set out. Now Hoopty has taken over their care. Something tells me she will do a great job!

Pest Control

As you can see from the above paragraphs, we really prefer to use natural means for pest control. Even though we always use organic pesticides we really prefer to NOT to use them. Our first line of defense is crop rotation. See, most of the pests we are fighting each year actually live right below the surface of the soil. They live there and instinctively lay the eggs for the next generation. In this location the generation has the best chance of having food. By using crop rotation, when the next generation of pests emerge in a particular area they will not find the desired vegetation the previous generation did. The idea is that these pests will move on out in search of their next meal thus decreasing the population of said pest in the area. If however you plant the same crop in the same location over and over it is almost asking for an infestation of some sort. We unfortunately have experienced this. However, since implementing crop rotation things have improved drastically!

Crop rotation also limits reemergence of certain fungi in much the same manner. If host crops for particular fungi are not there then the spores will decrease thus reproduction of fungus is limited. This means we do not have to add organic antifungals to our farms ecosystem. We still have yet to mention the benefits to the soil of crop rotation! It really is good practice that just takes a little planning.

We also incorporate companion planting. We plant herbs and flowers all over the farm and in the high tunnel. The idea is to throw the bugs off the trail. Some herbs and flowers throw of certain aromas that pets do no like so they avoid them! Other companion plants do just the opposite, they draw the pests. This may see counterintuitive but if the pests are on the flowers they aren’t on our valuable crops! We call that a win! Not only does this increase the biodiversity of the farm but it also adds to the beauty of the farm. We find these techniques work very well until the season get to be in full swing. By July or August, depending on pest pressure for the season, we usually have to resort to using some sort or organic pesticide in order to ensure we can harvest our Summer crops. Some crops we strive to grow early enough in the season instead of fighting with the pests later in the season. Others are so important to our pantry that we just have to put on our famer pants and fight!

What’s Growing & Harvests

We have lots of produce growing on the farm! Our Chinese celery is ready for harvest and will be harvested this weekend. Oh, and speaking of pests, our celery had a pretty intense fight with spider mites. We nearly lost the entire crop! Thankfully we caught the infestation in early enough to get it under control. Unfortunately many of the leaves have suffered damage and had to trimmed back. So while it is still celery, it is not the beautiful product we like to share with our community. As a result we will not be selling it this season. Instead we will be dehydrating it to make our celery salt and other spice blends for the year.

Onions and garlic are coming along too. We have noticed that some of our red onions are going to seed which we find quite interesting but the weather has been quite erratic. Yellow onions seem to be fine at this point. We should harvesting these next month. The garlic is looking beautiful as ever! We are excited to see if we top last years harvest!

Mustard greens have been replanted as they too have gone to seed. The new planting is growing well!

The asparagus bed has come alive and is looking amazing! The purple asparagus is obviously my favorite and what I am most excited about. This is season two for this new bed of asparagus. We will not do any real harvesting (I have to taste one or two spears) this season. Season three however should yield well for us. We realize that as much as we love asparagus we are definitely going to need to add second, larger bed at some point.

Speaking of perennials the strawberries are growing very well. We hope to have enough to make a few quarts of jam this year. We’ve gone back and forth on it and have finally decided that we will be planting a second row of strawberries on the opposite end of the high tunnel. This should increase our harvest two fold next season giving us more berries to share with our community.

More Updates

As far as the chickens and rabbits, we hope to get you more updates over on our channel throughout the month!

Well that’s all folks! See you here in May with more updates!

The Goings On – March 2022

March – the month that welcomes Spring – is here! Before we get into Spring, let’s talk about what was accomplished in this last month.

Flowers By BHG

A large portion of this month has even spent preparing for our Flowers by BHG subscription. We have planted so many flower varieties and still have plenty more to go! In the high tunnel we have planted our ProCut Sunflowers and Marigolds are reappearing from seeds dropped from last year. We will allow most of those to grow while those that are in the walkways will be relocated to more suitable locations.

Our in ground beds have been topped off with Tulips, Gladiolus, and Lilies. Our Daffodils are already gracing us with their beauty as they, along with the Periwinkle, are the first flowers to bloom on the farm. Still to be planted (in succession) are Calendula, Aster, and Zinnia. Fillers such as Basil and Snapdragons are already growing nicely. This season will have the largest variety yet and we cannot wait to begin arranging stunning bouquets! We still have slots open for new subscribers. Sign up closes April 1st!


Last month we informed you that we planned to plant fennel and kohlrabi the month of February. Unfortunately that was not accomplished. Those items have been moved to this month’s planting. We did however get to plant two rows of carrots in the high tunnel. Both of which are showing signs of life and doing well.

February is usually the month that we plant our potatoes. Somehow though we did manage to order them with the wrong shipping date! They won’t be here until sometime this month. We’re a little disappointed by this however given all we had going on this month I highly doubt that we would have had the time to get them in the ground anyway! So they also get moved to the March planting schedule.

So what did we actually plant the month of February? We did manage to get green onions, Asian greens, radishes, and carrots planted. We hope all of these to be ready to harvest by next month for our first farmers market appearance at 2 The Olive Fruit April 30th. There will be various vendors and lots of home grown goodness along with music! It is bound to be a good time! Watch out for the details on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We also started many trays of plants to install in the high tunnel and into raised beds. Among these are our herbs of which we are very excited about! We finally had success starting Thyme, Sage, & Garlic Chives from seed. These will get raised beds just for them as they are perennials in our area and we look forward to having them established once and for all on the farm! We have also been blessed to get a few Lavender and Culantro seeds to germinate! We are hopeful that they will continue to grow for us.

As we mentioned in our Hoopty Transformation video, we are also growing several new Jalapeno varieties this year that will be great for our salsas we plan to make this year.

We again over did it with the tomato plants! We of course planted the ones we know we needed for sustainability but we also added a few new ones that we are excited to grow. Among these are the Pink Fang, Gezahnte, and Orange Accordion – all from Baker Creek! As you can see from the photos in the links, these are beautiful heirloom tomatoes. We hope that they grow well here at Bain Home Gardens!


We have been harvesting our Purple Cauliflower throughout the month. It definitely brings us great joy to be able to finally grow this beautiful crop after several years of trying. Carrots & Lettuce were harvested from the high tunnel as well. Due to how quickly the temperatures are changing on us we will not plant anymore Lettuce in Hoopty till the Fall. However we will be planting in our raised beds once more before Summer heat sets in.

The month of March we hope to begin harvesting our Pink Celery, Brussels Sprouts, and radishes.

The High Tunnel

The majority of the month of February was spent working on Hoopty! Out with the old and in with the new! So far we have applied our own home grown compost to 3 rows of 13 and have covered with ground cover. These three rows will house our tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers. We still have more of our compost to move into the high tunnel but will need to supplement ours with an outside source to complete Spring planting in the high tunnel.

Each year we struggle with having a strong enough of a support for our cucumbers and tomatoes. This year we are not playing! We decided to go ahead and install a more permeant solution – cattle panel trellis. This week we plant to install the t-posts to attach our cattle panel trellises to. This should make the job of harvesting and pruning less strenuous. As Mr. Bain Home Gardener would say, ” I can get jiggy with that!”

MICROgreens by BHG

Our microgreen subscription is again open for new subscribers! We love these tiny powerhouse greens! Like all of our produce, our microgreens are Certified Naturally Grown. This year we celebrating microgreens week with our friends over at CNG! Why not ?! As a part of our celebration, we are offering those who sign up this week (through March 6th) one free week of microgreens with your order!

The Animals

It really hurts to even type these words. However we said we would share with you the good and THE BAD so here it is. We are very sad to say that we had a sentinel event on the farm in which all of our Lionhead rabbits were killed. Kimba, Nala, and the guy who started it all , Simba have all been laid to rest. I know that these type of things will happen when dealing with farm animals but my heart is so broken. I cried like a baby upon discovery of this event. Of my rabbits Gizmo (Holland Lop New Zealand) and Misty Blue (Standard Rex/Single Mane Lionhead) are the only two survivors. I will begin to rebuild my flock but only after certain precautions (such as a completely enclosed electric area for additional protection from predators) are completed. This of course derails the plans we had for breeding but that is really the least of our current concerns. If you are however among those that were looking to adopt a kit from the Lionhead family then we apologize for that delay. We will also mention that Thai’s rabbits were thankfully unaffected and she will continue her breeding schedule as planned.

While the rabbits have decreased in number our chicken flock is growing. We have adopted another rooster who we appropriately named Oogly. We have also added 3 new girls Trixie, Blue, and Summer. For the latest news with them feel free to check our our Flock Update which will be posted on our YouTube channel later this week. Zig’s flock is doing great in fact all the girls are now laying – even the youngest – Noisy! Kong’s flock is also doing well as some of them have almost fully recovered from molting.

We are happy to report that we are certifying our chicken flock as Certified Naturally Grown. They are fed USDA Certified feed along with organic produce from the farm. They really are spoiled and that is just fine by us!


This month was a weird month for videos. Between our video editing app malfunctioning and upgrading devices, serveral videos we had planned to upload were not uploaded. We have started getting these up and will be uploading more over the next few days! We appreciate your patience and support while we work through these issues.

This Week’s Listings

We are so happy to offer for the very first time Wheatgrass! We grow this as a part of our MICROgreens by BHG line. The best way to ingest this super food is by extracting the juice. The simplest way to do this is by using a wheat grass juicer. If you do not have one here are some other techniques you can use. We will be utilizing some of these as well until our extractor comes in the mail.

This week we continue to offer Leaf Broccoli, Kale varieties, Collards, Red Giant Mustards, and Rosemary. We are also adding a few orders of the Winter Salad blend back to stock. We have also added our tender garlic tops which we have been using ourselves for seasoning – SO TASTY!

With all this home grown goodness it may be hard to decide just WHAT TO GET! Then let us help. By ordering our Greens Box or the Farm Sampler Basket you get a nice variety of our Certified Naturally Grown produce!

Well guys that is it in a nutshell! Till next time…

The Goings On – February 2022

Hey there February! We missed you! While there is plenty to do in the month of February much was done in January as well. Check out what went on in the last 31 days.


January has been cold and boy do we welcome that! It is also the month we try to get our bulb onions planted. We are happy to report that we have checked this off our planting checklist! This year we planted two varieties: Texas Sweet & Red Creole. In addition to those we also planted Lancelot Leek. We have never grown leeks before but man do we love a good leek and potato soup! Onions are a staple food for our family. I cook at least one meal a day using them and sometimes we have them raw in salads and salsas! We love to have our own of course but last year just was not the best year for onions for us. We hope that this year will be much better.

We also added a few more perennial flower bulbs to to the ground. We have many already established from previous seasons so we are only adding varieties now that are new to us. This year we are adding Lilly and Allium to the flower garden. Although we have not planted them yet we are also adding flowering herbs to the flower garden. These will be used in our flower bouquets but also used in this seasons tea blends and tinctures we plan to make. Speaking of the flower garden, if you would like to have beautiful home grown flower bouquets delivered to your door then the Flowers by BHG subscription is just for you! You can secure your Spring subscription here. This year delivery for Spring subscription begins May 2nd and will run through the entire month of May. Dates for the Summer subscription are tba.

Back to planting. We have started many seeds for the 2022 growing season! Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are started and are growing nicely. We hope to have them ready to be planted in the Hoopty by March 15th at the latest and March 1st at the earliest. Although we are preparing for the Spring and Summer we cannot forget to plant those more cold hardy plants such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and kale. All of these have also been started. While we have been blessed to harvest Winter cauliflower this January, we want to get a second harvest early Spring so we are starting these plants now to set out in March. Some of these will go into the high tunnel and others will go into raised beds. Carrots, fennel, and kohlrabi will be direct sown this month. We want to plant more green mustards and collards however we are at a loss as to where we will plant them as we are already running low on space! Ah the life of the micro-farmer!


January was a big month for harvesting here! We harvested salad turnips and for the first time ever we had enough to share, eat, and freeze and dehydrate! It was definitely busy a couple of days getting them processed but we are so thankful to have had an abundance to store for our family for later in the season. After all, have you seen grocery prices along with the supply chain issues?! Cauliflower heads for the Winter were small but again we are thankful to have these tucked away for use at a later time. We also continue to harvest snow peas and brussels sprouts leaves some of which we have also had the pleasure of storing. We even processed the stems of the brussels sprouts by dehydrating them and then using the food processor to pulse into a powder that we can now use in smoothies or anything! Side note – WE LOVE FRESH SNOW PEAS! We have eaten more than we have frozen! Oops! Our field snow peas have definitely dropped in production due to the below freezing nights we have had but I have confidence they will pick back up.

Our hot, HOT peppers died on one of the below freezing nights simply because I forgot to cover them with the frost blankets. Silly me! This meant that loads of peppers had to be harvested and processed for dehydrating! I am so thankful that the Cosori dehydrator puts off less fumes than our previous dehydrator since it was well over three pounds of peppers we had to process. We find doing this at night while everyone is sleep and while the temperatures are lower in the house is great because no one is effected by the slight odor that does result and the heat it puts off helps warm the house. Win-win! Honestly the dehydrator has been a real work horse lately. We processed a pound and a half of parsley in it over a matter of a few days taking breaks in between. It takes about 7 hours at 145 degrees to get the parsley at the desired texture.

Special Announcements!

We have tried our very best to protect our family, friends, and community by wearing our masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated. We feel good about our efforts as a family. Thanks to having been fully vaccinated and boosted and a slight change in family dynamic we are ready to attend farmers markets again! We are not sure yet exactly what markets we will be supporting this coming season however we will keep you posted.

While we look forward to entertaining farm visits in the near future we have to slowly get back into the community so we are not there yet but when we are you will be the first to know!

Several of you have already reached out regarding our Annual Spring Plant Sale. We are so glad that you know where to go to find healthy organic plant starts! Unfortunately, this year we will not be doing an official plant sale as we have done in years past. If and when we have extra plants we will create listings for them and inform you over on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We did learn that Hawkins Homestead Farm will be doing their plant sale this year so please do check out their organic plant start offerings!

Finally, we have been reworking our website behind the scenes to build a shop instead of a listings page. This is taking some time to be sure (just learning Woo Commerce ins and outs) but we “hope” to have our new and improved shop available for you by March 1st. This will allow you to create an account and have a cart to which you can add items to rather than having to purchase one item at a time. I know that has been frustrating for many of you but we thank you for your patience as we have attempted to get ahead of the learning curve with this new software.


We are proud to say that we are back on track with regularly uploading videos! It feels good to be back on track. This Summer we hope to have reached enough subscribers to start doing some giveaways. So please do like our videos, subscribe to our channel, and share our content with someone you think would enjoy our journey. Each time you do you support our farm as we work hard to support our community. We appreciate you! Below you will find a list of videos from January. We hope you enjoy!

It was short and sweet but now you know what is going on over at Bain Home Gardens. We will touch base with you in March!

This Weeks Listings

We have plenty of greens for you guys from mustards to collards to kale – WE GOT YOU! Take advantage of our Greens Box or or Farm Sampler baskets while we have an abundance to share!