Organic Produce- Why Grow Your Own?

Morning comes so quickly. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Perhaps you fellow homesteaders agree. Homesteading, as much as we love it, is not our only job. At times it becomes overwhelming – all the hats this head wears!

Rise early, read Bible. Head out & water plants before the summer heat becomes intolerable. Inspect plants. Get any harvesting and weeding done. Shower. Eat. Feed kids. Referee kids – I’m exhausted already & it isn’t even 9 a.m.! Ministry – that rejuvenates. Errands. Home. Household chores. Rest. Quality time with family after husband gets in from work. Dinner. Sleep. Repeat.

Am I attempting to convince you NOT to farm, garden, or homestead? NO – of course not! However, in order to really get the gist of how important growing our own organic food is, you should fully understand the hoops we jump through on a daily basis to do so. Consider a few reasons why we grow our own organic produce:

1. The Dirty Dozen – NOT a team of soldiers. IS a list of produce with the highest loads of pesticide residues. Many of our favorites are on this list!
2. Rising Cost of Produce – Everything seems to influence produce prices from climate change to fuel prices. On the other hand, wages seldomly increase.
3. You Are In Control – When you grow your own organic produce, you determine what you eat. You know what fertilizers & soil you use. Instead of buying and storing in fridge all week, you harvest when you are ready to prepare.
4. It Simply Taste Better – Pesticide free produce actually has higher amounts of antioxidants which in turn notably affects taste, texture, aroma etc.
5. Nothing Beats Harvest Day – There is such a rewarding feeling of finally being able to see good from your hard work! I have, on many mornings, started on breakfast right there in the garden. What survives gets brought in and displayed on the table or counter – anywhere I can see it! There it serves as a silent reminder that it is worth it!

Harvest Day

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