Feature Wednesday – Moss Curled Parsley

Parsley Pesto with Breakfast

We have grown this variety along side the flat leaf variety for a few years and have come to love this underdog variety of Parsley. Also known as Curly Parsley, it is beautiful as well as tasty! Here’s a few things we have learned over the few years we have been growing it:

▪︎It adds a lighter note of the Parsley flavor than its flat leaved cousin making it perfect for pesto!

▪︎It is much slower to bolt.

▪︎ It holds up much longer after harvesting.

▪︎The frilly leaves work great as garnish however if needed to add to a recipe its also a great option.

▪︎Benefits from quarterly fertilizing but does best if initial planting is done in soil rich in organic matter.

▪︎Germination can take upwards of three weeks so we find it best to start these indoors with the assistance of a heat mat and set out about 6 – 8 weeks after germination.

▪︎Although most recipes only call for the leaves we freeze the stems for later use in stew, chili, and soup.

▪︎It can tolerate frost in our area down to about 15 degrees (which we seldom see) making it a great addition to Fall gardens. Not to mention Parsley is immune boosting, antioxidant rich, AND hearth healthy! We hope you are growing it too!

▪︎With some time and attention you can propagate it from cuttings.

▪︎Draws the Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly – HUGE PLUS! Just be sure to plant enough to share! Here is a video of us releasing a Swallowtail that was pretty much raised on fennel & parsley as a caterpillar.


▪︎Curly leaves make it more difficult to clean.

▪︎Compact bush habitat means it’s lower to the ground and can become quite dirty after it rains. We prefer to grow it in the high tunnel to avoid this.

So tell us – are you growing Moss Curled Parsley? Will you include it in your next growing season? If you do we hope these tip – from our family to yours – help!