Feature Wednesday’s – What Is That?

When we began our farm journey we wondered how many people felt like we did – overwhelmed, under prepared, … just plain lost! If you are like us, you have logged many hours on YouTube already! Still it can be very difficult figuring out which varieties of crops to include in your gardens, farms, and homesteads. We sympathize. Although we have only been faming for a short while we have already tried many popular and not so popular varieties. So we decided to share our successes AND fails with you. Perhaps from our mistakes someone else could learn. We most certainly do! In keeping with that theme we would like to introduce Feature Wednesday’s. Every Wednesday we will feature a different seasonal crop we are growing. We will share tid bits of what we’ve learned as we have grown the featured crop. Since there are only so many weeks per season and we are only growing so many crops each season, there maybe weeks at a time where there will be no posts here. We will however share the pros and cons of each crop!

You are now in a safe place. Are you ready to learn?