The Goings Ons – April 2020


So much can change in a month’s time. It really sinks in when I go back and read the blog for March. There was no mention of the the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn’t that the pandemic wasn’t around or that we weren’t already praying for those effected. It just wasn’t so close to home. Now it is. We have obviously adjusted some of our practices to ensure our family’s safety but also that of the public. Though I hate to bring this up (because who of us isn’t tired of hearing about the pandemic) there are a few things we have to address:

  • Farmers Markets – Although it is not required by law at this time, we have opted to not participate in farmers markets at this time. If and when this changes we will surely let you know.
  • No longer accepting cash – To prevent the handling of any cash, our sales will be online only with use of a debit card. Since our online store is not up and running yet, we will send an invoice to via text or email through which payment can be made. In light of the recent events we are making more deliveries and have had to remove the free delivery option. Delivery fee is $5 within Dothan city limits. This fee will appear on you invoice.
  • No contact delivery – When deliveries are made we will leave them at pick up location and notify you once delivery is made. If you have been sick or exposed to someone who has COVID-19 symptoms , please for your safety and ours DO NOT ORDER.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the other goings ons of Bain Home Gardens!

Special Announcement!

As you know we work VERY diligently to keep our growing practices in line with USDA Organic guidelines. This is not always easy but knowing we provide the community with clean, healthy produce makes the struggle worth it! We follow many forums that help us grow without the use of harmful chemicals. We are so thankful for these resources. It is through these forums that we found the Certified Naturally Grown community. It was like we found our home. Their mission and goals lined up 100% with ours! We began a certification process with them and we are happy to report that as of March 31st 2020 Bain Home Gardens is Certified Naturally Grown! Your can view our profile on here on the CNG website. This certification includes our flowers as well. What does this mean for you? Mostly, accountability. CNG holds its members to strict guidelines. Synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s are prohibited. Although this has been our practice, certification is further poof. You know what you are eating is naturally grown! Kith & Kin members are the first to benefit as they get beautiful baskets weekly beginning April 27th (Spring CSA) from us and our partners at Hawkins Homestead Farm.

Although our CSA shares increase every season, current world events have increased the demand. Therefore if you are even thinking slightly about signing up for the Fall CSA we urge you to do so as soon as possible! Due to wait listed families, shares may go quickly.

Seasonal Baskets

This Spring we are offering seasonal baskets. Our friends at Hawkins Homestead Farm are already making these available. 20200326_124536We hope that by joining this endeavor we can help make produce available to families that were not able to join the CSA. Our baskets will be $35 include any 5-6 fresh produce items we have available that week. If you would like eggs with your basket then we highly recommend the $40 option Hawkins Homestead Farm offers. Our baskets will be delivered on Mondays only for now.

On the Farm

There is so much going on on the farm I really do not where to start! Let’s just say much of the February planting is coming alive! We have baby cucumbers on the way as well as zucchini. Thanks to Hoopty, these crops made their arrival about a month earlier than last year. That is just fine by us! The tomatillos, peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes are are coming along quite nicely and the peas have hit PROLIFIC stage! Did we mention we have cauliflower too?! For a quick and easy recipe idea click here.

Each year we strive to add at least one new exotic item to our growing. We decided it would be White Chinese Celery this year. We are happy with our choice! We harvested some to go in our chicken broth (you know we got the chicken from Hawkins Homestead Farm). It came out so nicely! We have looked up recipes for celery salt and are planning on making that very soon!

This looks to be the first year since 2017 that Bain Home Gardens will be able to offer fruit! Muscadine vines are coming alive & it seems this may be our year! Our nectarine trees are loaded! Watermelon and cantaloupe have been planted – huge space hogs! Who knows how many  fruit we will actually harvest but the prospects are GREAT! Thinking of a signature jam to make with some of these. Ideas?


There are always new and exciting things happening on the farm. It is a life we love! Join our adventure by following our Instagram or Facebook pages. There is also where you will find the most updated information as to what produce we have available each week as well as our seasonal baskets.

We have more exciting new to come in the upcoming months! Stay tuned for more goings on at Bain Home Gardens!