The Goings On – March 2020

Rain, rain, GO AWAY! PLEASE! We have farming to do!

While we know the rain is VERY necessary to farming, this much increases chances of seed rot and decreases chances of good Spring yields. We just want a little balance please. Of course this is an imperfect world that we are dealing with and we take the joys with the pains.

Things have been moving along quite nicely despite the challenges with precipitation. What’s been going on?


Planting is nearly done for our 2020 Spring CSA. Since many of the items we will be offering are long season crops (broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beans, cabbage etc.) we had to get them established EARLY. They are growing nicely as you can see with our cabbage pictured below. Other produce goodies like radishes will be succession planted throughout the season. If you missed our Spring sign up, no worries Fall sign up will be open towards the end of Summer. Reach out to us and let us know if you would like to be notified when those shares open.


Farmers Markets

We recently began scheduling our Farmers Market days for the 2020 Season. As you know, we usually have fresh produce days with Rural King of Dothan but we also participate in Farmers Markets such as Enterprise Farmers Market. This year we hope to participate in even more events in Dothan as well as the surrounding towns. We are so fortunate to have supporters in all the the Wiregrass! Look out for us. You never know where we will be popping up next!

This past weekend we had the privilege of being in Enterprise. We had a nice, relaxed day getting to know the community there. To all who came out – thank you!

This year at our tables we hope to have everything from beans to okra to pumpkins and melons. Yes, we are ALL IN! Look out for our “Where Are We Now” posts as they will keep you updated on where Bain Home Gardens is popping up next.

Annual Plant Sale

March is finally here and we are thrilled to offer you, yet again our Clean Starts! These babies have been spoiled & loved on from the moment the seed hit the soil and now we are passing all that love to you so you can pass it on to your families! We are offering everything from cucumbers to eggplants this year. Keep in mind these are the same plants we grow from for our families and we only give our families the best so that means your are getting the best Bain Home Gardens and Hawkins Homestead Farm have to offer. Many have already sold out! If there is something you are really wanting, we maybe able to grow it especially for you. Just let us know. If you do buy our plants we love hearing from you and seeing the plant babies all grown up! Feel free to share pictures with us or tag us in your plant posts! 


So that’s whats new at Bain Home Gardens. There is much more to share so check back with us next month for more goings on!