The Goings On – February 2020

They say time flies when you are farming. Not really; no one says that BUT THEY SHOULD! So what’s been going on that has us so busy?

With the addition of our high tunnel house (Hootpy) there is so much more space that is begging to be planted! We have found the best way to grow in the Winter is from transplants. The cold ground is notorious for slowing germination to the point that at times seeds can rot before they sprout! Starts eliminate this issue altogether. We enjoy growing our own plant babies. In fact, you may recall BHG introducing our Clean Starts last year. These plafb_img_15809489604056128858179321357214.jpgnts are the same ones we plant here on our micro farm. We would like to add they were and still are grown with the same love and diligence too. We sfb_img_15809491307394510202779973471668.jpgimply started a few extras so we could spread the home grown goodness to our community. We are already gearing up for our next sale with Hawkins Homestead Farm. Plants for you + plants for us = two busy farms!

We love to gear up for Spring by planting as many leafy greens as possible in the Winter. The cool temps mean they grow slowly, even from starts. However, the limited amounts of pests really goes a long way towards getting those beautiful leaves we love to chomp on! We have planted kale, collards, mustards, spinach, and choi to name a few of the tasty leafy greens that are growing at Bain Home Gardens. Yes – WE HAVE BEEN PLANTING EVERYWHERE!

Many of you enjoyed our Pepper Jelly varieties this past year. We really got a kick out of mixing a little heat with a lot of fruit and reaping the tasty benefits! We noticed that certain pepper flavors paired perfectly with certain fruit flavors just as expected, while others were quite the surprise. I wish you could have seen Mr. Bain Home Gardener’s face when I told him that I was mixing Peach and Serrano pepper! All that changed when he tried it! Our Peach Serrano jam will be back for the 2020 growing season along with many more goodies!


While there is much more going on over in our neck of the woods we have to get back to work!!! Check back next month for the March goings on at Bain Home Gardens!