Summer Time


Summer is just around the corner (though you would think it has already arrived) and in our neck of the woods we are feeling every single bit of it! Quality produce takes quality work and with this heat one must work smarter and not harder. What have we been up to?

Farmer’s Markets

When we decided to go full on with our brand we knew that getting the community’s support was key to our success. After all, our community is a large part of why we do what we do. Farmer’s Markets are an excellent way we have found to do this. So early in the year we began reaching out to our friends & local business owners to arrange these throughout the 2019 growing season. So far we have been privileged to be vendors at the Enterprise Farmer’s Market.

This was a new venue for us thus it was especially exciting! We are “people people” so getting acquainted with new names and faces was a welcomed pleasure.

As the growing season progresses, we will be all over the Wiregrass! So, as our market days arrive, we will make an announcement on our Facebook page so you know exactly when and where to find us. A special thank you to those who have already come out to visit and we can’t wait to see the rest of you!

Product Expansion

We have made no secret of the fact that this year has been our largest planting to date! And we are still planting! One benefit of all this produce is that of limiting grocery store trips (for veggies anyway) and squirreling away a taste of the Summer for the Winter. In addition to that, we are in a better position to make quality products with our quality produce. I’ve diligently interviewed long time canning experts and foodies and I’m thrilled to put it all to practice this Summer!


We will be trying various recipes and mixing different flavors grown right here at Bain Home Gardens. This summer you can expect Dill Pickles, Salsa, unique Jams & Jellies – to name a few – from our family to yours!

Building A Store

Yes, you read right – we have been building a store! Not a brick and mortar store but an online shop. Our partners, Hawkins Homestead Farm have done their due diligence of building & maintaining our online store and graciously host the shop on their page. Here you can find quality organic produce & products from two trusted sources. In fact, you can take care of breakfast & dinner in a matter of clicks since Hawkins Homestead Farm also produces organic chicken, turkey, and eggs!

How it Works

As produce becomes available it is added to the appropriate category. So the store is always being stocked, so to speak. Once you place your online order, your order is reviewed and sent to the appropriate grower – either Bain Home Gardens or Hawkins Homestead Farm. Your produce is then harvested and prepared for delivery – should you choose that option. Easy-peasy! We have literally taken the work out of grocery shopping for you – our valued supporters!

A large part of our brand is social media based (Facebook & Instagram) so please like, follow, & share with those whom you think would have an interest in joining our journey. Till next time…