Journey to a Healthier Me – Sodium Recap

More than a month later, how have we done with our Sodium intake? Let see.

I used the free version of the MyFitnessPal app for a week or so and quickly realized this would be easier if I had the paid version. So I enrolled in a free trial for the purposes of this specific leg of the journey to a healthier me. As I analyze the information, I’m pleasantly pleased with the results.

Week 1:
This week was meant to provide me with a baseline for what my normal Sodium intake was. Out of these 7 days I exceeded my weekly goal of 2,300 mg of Sodium only slightly. On 3 days I exceeded the daily goal. One of these days we ate out as a family and the other 2 we had processed foods for lunch or dinner.

Week 2:
I used 1,928 mg of the 2,300 mg. I quickly learned that eating out was something to be done with much caution. Fast food in particular is saturated with Sodium! Drinking water throughout the day helps alleviate the cravings for fast food. I found that the days I drank my 64 oz were the days I was under my caloric requirement – word to the wise. My energy level remained about the same which is better than it was prior to the start of this journey.

Week 3 & 4:
The last two weeks were gravy. I went horribly over the Sodium on one day only – date night. I had a headache later that night. My body was mad at me! Lesson learned.

Once we work hard to develop good eating habits it becomes easier to make even better choices. Something I did notice was that my Sugar intake was way over the top – followed by Fats and Carbohydrates. I do love me some bread! However, I recognize the need to eat less of it while replacing with more vegetables and hearty grains. With Summer fast approaching, delicious vegetables such as Okra, Squash, Tomatoes, & Cucumbers – OH MY- are becoming available.

This will make healthier eating even easier. In the meantime, for my next healthier me journey I will be focusing on this high Sugar intake! This is really a serious matter for me, especially considering Diabetes runs rampant on maternal and paternal sides of my family.

I hope you will join me! If you have up to this point, inbox us and let us know how its going.