While Away – The Weeds Will Play

We recently took a trip out-of-town for only four and a half days. It was just what we all needed before going back to work, school, and starting college.  20180809_110816It rained so much while we were gone! I was somewhat relived since we do not have an irrigation system on a timer yet. However, the rain and humidity while we were away, caused the weeds to rebound like never before! Extra large, woody okra (beautiful yet useful only for seeds) on the stalk along with over ripe tomatoes – it was horrific! I hate, HATE, HATE to waste food! In addition, since we are front yard gardeners, there was a real need to tackle the situation head on! Our son began a process that practically took all day while his father tackled the rest of the property. 20180807_184724I really do not know how I would manage without my son, he does such a fantastic job managing the garden! Shout out! Anyway things look so much better now and only one bed of 3 in the front have been take care of thus far. Just to think – FOUR DAYS! While away the weeds will play!

A benefit to vacationing is that there are always bounteous amounts of produce to harvest! Automatic happiness! We had so much produce to clean & store it was admittedly overwhelming.20180809_141859 We are learning the real value of homesteading! We are currently able to do like the squirrel and store away for the winter – which I personally find very exciting! It is one more way we become self-sufficient and that, after all is the goal! Yes!

I’m positively sure that as we continue on this adventure that there will be far more interesting experiences, stories, successes and failures. I’m taking it ALL in and learning today how to make a better tomorrow for this family. Thanks for joining our adventure!