The Journey Begins

There comes a point in every endeavor when a person has to decide to take the leap in to the great unknown or be comfortable with what IS known. Well today we have decided to take the leap! Who knows where we may land but one thing is sure we plan to enjoy the ride! As the manager of this website, I must warn you that I have no real idea as to what I am doing. What I do know is I enjoy directing the farming of our 3/4 acre land here in Dothan, Al. I know that I want other families to try their hands at growing their own food – even if it is just a tomato plant or a pot of basil. I also know that this life isn’t easy and I promise not to paint it as such. We dream the fantasy but we live the reality. (Check out our Facebook video series, “Our Garden Adventures” )Having said that, there is so much joy associated with our lifestyle choice of homesteading that we gladly do it day after day. For our family, it just works.

Over the next year we hope to grow even more than we already have and we are willing to take as many along with us on this ride as possible. Learn with us. Laugh with us. Cry with us. Experience our disappointments & learn from our mistakes so that you do not have to do the same.

No promises can be made as to how often we will update the blog as farming is a very hands on, full time undertaking. Since we know your internet browser could be on any other site besides this one, we will put pride and great care into this site. Thank you for your support as we endeavor to bring quality produce from our family to yours!

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