Have you ever awakened to an impending sense of doom? Not like the house is on fire or as if a criminal were in your house but something less impeding but just as equally deadly.

A few weeks ago I woke up feeling just this way. I thought of my choices in regards to my health. I had many goals and for quite some time had been doing well with them. After all, we are growing our own organic produce now as opposed four years ago. Is that enough? Am I moving forward with reaching my health goals. The simple answer is no. I have come to a crawl. I am drinking Pepsi almost every day, I no longer have a regimented exercise routine anymore, & even though we are growing them, I am ashamed to say I am not eating enough vegetables. In addition to that, hypertension, diabetes, & heart disease run rampant in both sides of my family – BOTH SIDES! Thus the impeding sense of doom. Long sigh… So what now? Change. Change is what’s happening now!

We all make these resolves to change, to be healthier, to lose weight, get fit & yada, yada, ya… . Where most of us fail is that we attempt doing it all at once. We cut the sodas, sugar, & carbs all at once! Then we are just a mess – doomed to failure really. Why? Because we didn’t pace ourselves! Soon we give up, feeling we could never reach our goals. We then proceed pour out our sorrows over a tub of Caramel Sea-Salt Ice Cream! Wait, no, that’s me. Your know what your vices are – do not judge (said chuckling). So this time on my journey to a healthier me I plan to take is slow – serious but slow. I’ve actually already begun.

Join me on this fantastic voyage!