Fall Plant Sale 2022

Fall is has arrived with all its windy glory. Shades of orange, brown, and red cover most of the once green landscape. Some days it is believable that the current season is Fall, however, others, like today, not so much. Temperatures climbed to the mid-eighties today. Certainly Spring was a more believable season today. It was an ideal day for garden work. If you have prepped an early Fall gardening space then you are likely harvesting select varieties of your bounty already. We admire your diligence and effort. You inspire us! May you and your family enjoy the fruits of your labor!

If you, despite your best efforts, are just getting your Fall garden ready then you are not alone! We too struggled more than we ever have lining up all of our ducks! The goal? To get started early enough to be harvesting now. As you have followed our social media outlets, you know this is not the case for Bain Home Gardens this year! What is that famous saying, “Better late than never!” For us, much Fall planting is just beginning. Although we have more time on our clock due to living in the Southernmost part of Alabama, time was still running out!

In an effort to ensure that this, our last shot at planting before the first freeze, we OVER PLANTED! This purposeful and decisive action worked just as we expected! Plants are growing in ground, in raised beds, and in starter trays! We have an abundance to be sure. We would like to extend our abundance to your gardens this Fall. We had hoped to offer our Clean Starts plants earlier this Fall however issue after issue took out our plant babies. It was very disappointing. Now, however, we do have beautiful , healthy plants looking for their forever home. Our Clean Starts plants are given the same love as everything else we put our hands to. As we continue to plant we may add more plant varieties to the shop depending on space needs. For now we have the following:

  • Purple Caulioflower
  • Yellow Onion
  • Red Giant Mustard
  • Collard Green Mix
  • Chinese White Celery

We will possibly be adding cabbage, kale, and chard in the upcoming weeks. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! Happy growing – from our family to yours!