Shena’s Baked Creations

We are always in the kitchen cooking up something new. Many of these creations make it into the Bain Family Recipe Book so we can recreate them over and over again! We are thrilled to offer these baked goods creations to our supporters!

How It Works

We want our baked creations to be as fresh as possible when you receive them so we only bake to order. Shena’s Baked Creations will open once monthly for one week – Monday – Saturday for pre order. Your items will be prepared Sunday and delivered to the address of your choosing (within the Dothan city limits). Shipping is available however please contact us prior to ordering so suitable arrangements can be made. Where eggs are indicated we use our farm fresh brown eggs. See individual descriptions for what home grown items are used in each creation. Were possible USDA organic ingredients are used.

November 16, 2021 Update

We toggled back and forth even agonizing about whether we would open for baked goods with the COVID numbers fluctuating. Finally we have decided that since we already have great COVID safety practices (which is more than we can say for most restaurants) why not?! In addition some of you have already reached out inquiring when the last year’s items would be available. Thanks for keeping us straight! We apologize for the delay however the shop is now open! Ordering will be open from 12/13/21 -12/18/21. The month of December we will be offering:

Note: Quantities will be updated on 12/13/21