KIth & Kin – The Sunset

Growth happens for everyone. Growth although required for the survival of most species can at times be painful. We believe that is where the age old term “growing pains” comes from. One must acknowledge that growth and act accordingly. Today, this is where we at Bain Home Gardens find ourselves. Let us explain…

For several seasons we have worked in association with and through a co label of Kith & Kin CSA along with Hawkins Homestead Farm. This partnership has been a staple of some of the growth on the Bain family farm, after all that is the reason behind the CSA model. This growth has been steadily increasing & had nearly gotten away from us! What to do? Sit back and rest on our laurels. No, growth is change. This change has inspired us to take stock of our operation and restructure our production dynamic. Efficiency while maintaining a quality product is our top priority. This is not a challenge for the faint of heart and we embrace it wholeheartedly. However, as a result, this (Fall 2020) will be the last season that Bain Home Gardens is a part of Kith & Kin CSA. Bain Home Gardens will continue in operation, following different passions. Our items will be exclusively on our website and social media outlets. Thus the sun sets on Bain Home Gardens association with Kith & Kin CSA. This decision came at great deliberation & for sure some growing pains. We understand that Hawkins Homestead Farm will continue with the Kith & Kin brand. We wish them the best in their endeavors!

We have appreciated all of the love & support from our customers who fully advocate our brand and products. Therefore we will continue to provide excellent produce and service to you and anyone else who would love to join our journey towards self sufficiency and sustainability.

What You Can Expect

Many of you reach out to us regularly in search of clean produce. Since the CSA ran for most of the growing season, we were very limited in what we could supply you. That will now change. In fact come mid-January we will have Farm Sampler Baskets added to our listings page. These will have 5 produce items freshly harvested from the farm. You may choose to add milk or beef from Working Cows dairy for an additional cost. Also we are currently accepting subscribers to our MICROgreens by BHG service from now until January 1,2020 . You can read all about it here. These are just two of the new adventures Bain Home Gardens is already engaged on! We are buckled up and ready – come what may. Look out for more new and interesting things – from our family to yours!