The Goings On – May 2020

We are in that special part of the year, a sweet spot if you will. The space between Spring and Summer on the farm is the best place to be. Why? Well, you get the best of both seasons. Spring crops are in full tilt while Summer crops jealously push forward, refusing to be left behind. This is a race that only benefits us! So just what has been going on?



As we mentioned last month, Kith & Kin CSA began deliveries for Spring. This is very exciting as we work very hard to ensure that our members have the best we have to offer as they are invested in Bain Home Gardens and Hawkins Homestead Farm. The first two weeks have been exciting though we are disappointed that we are not able to interact with our members as we normally would. We realize this is for the best to keep everyone safe.

All of our Summer crops are in the ground. From okra to pumpkin, all of it has been done. You may recall that we succession plant most everything. So while some things like beans, zucchini, squash and okra are already on their 3rd planting, space hogs like watermelon, winter squash, and pumpkins are on their first planting since they will only be planted twice.

The first of the above planting are already producing flowers and some have already made fruit, such as squash and zucchini. The flavors do not disappoint!

To be planted this month are sweet potato slips. Ironically some have already started growing on their own from potatoes that were not dug up last year. In that bed we have at least 4 popping up. Goes to show you how self sustaining nature can be when we get out of the way!


Hoopty is earning her keep by keeping us up with a steady supply of beans, cucumbers, kale, collards, flowers and most recently potatoes. Carrots are about to be harvested as well. We previewed them about a week ago to make sure the roots were growing as they should and what do ya’ know – THEY ARE!

Kohlrabi was recently harvested but we have yet to replant anything in that section of Hoopty. I’m thinking about more carrots since we love them and we know you do too. Fennel is the next big harvest from Hoopty since our field Fennel has for the most part been harvested.

Tomatoes are on the verge of harvesting. Our vines are becoming so vigorous that we had to reinforce them. That was a fun project! We are growing more varieties this year than we every have! The reliability of these varieties will determine if they get a permanent home at Bain Home Gardens.

New Products

  • Blackberry Nectarine Jam & Spicy Blackberry Nectarine Jam – We took our freshly harvested berries and nectarines and made a delicious jam that we are super proud of! We sweetened with agave nectar rather than granulated sugar thus this is our first low sugar jam. We took one more spicy step and added to half of the batch hot peppers! It seems like an unlikely pairing but trust us if you can handle the heat you will love the flavor!

We are thrilled to announce our signature candles collection from Bushel & Peck! We have been working closely with our friends to craft aromas that are pleasing to the olfactory. This line is unique in that these candles contain our very own home grown herbs. You literally get a small piece of Bain Home Gardens in each candle. The first treat rolling off the line is the Lavender Fields. We could not be more impressed with how beautiful these came out! When they say handcrafted, Bushel and Peck, really means, “handcrafted”! Look at how carefully the lavender has been inlaid. These candles make great gifts and a personal indulgence is also acceptable from time to time – right? More candles have been approved and are in production! Those scents are: Lemon & Mint Pound Cake, Basil & Citrus Twist and Cucumber Water. To order and pre-order visit our Weekly Listings page.


Well that is what’s been going on in our corner of the the planet! Check back in June for more “goings on” at Bain Home Gardens – from our family to yours!