January Cyber Sale!

What’s Going On At Bain Home Gardens?

Well it seems that Winter has finally set in on good old Alabama. I have to say I was worried we were going to skip it altogether this year!

Winter time is the prime time to get those long season root crops planted. Things such as onions and garlic appreciate these 30° and below nights. We have planted more garlic & far more onions this year too! They are looking good!


Leafy greens too love the Winter. Pests that normally make it hard for them to thrive during Spring & Summer go dormant with freezing temperatures and the greens wouldn’t have it any other way! From collards to mustard greens to cabbage & kale, we have a bit of it all!


2020 came suddenly for us. We were so busy it took fireworks to alert us the year had changed! We are excited about the prospects this growing season has for us and we are sharing our excitement with you with our January Cyber Sale! Now through the end of January, the first 3 online sales of 2020 for Bain Home Gardens of $20 or more will receive an 8 oz jar of our Peach Serrano Jam FREE! In addition to that, all of our jams are discounted throughout the month of January! The $2 discount on our 8 oz jams will be applied on delivery.

The shop page is hosted by our dear friends and partners, Hawkins Homestead Farm. However, to qualify, your purchases must be from items under the Bain Home Gardens listings.

We have big news to share. Stay tuned to hear all about it in the upcoming weeks!