Funny Story

So yesterday our son worked very hard to complete a big list of garden chores. He has been gnawing away at it since his Summer semester of college ended a few days ago. Since he is handling things that I do not have the physicality to handle, I’m extremely thankful!

So anyway he tilled a 12 x 12 section up for me. This new-ish planting area will be dedicated to root crops. Unfortunately, I was only able to get one row planted yesterday evening as dark caught us. So this morning I was planning to get an early start and complete the project except I overslept. Oversleeping for me is sleeping past 5:30 a.m. I woke up at 6 a.m. rushing trying to get outside and beat the heat & didn’t even make coffee. After digging my rows out and marking I planted but realized at the end of planting that I have an extra row with nothing in it. Huh? Closer examination reveals that I actually planted carrots and turnips in the same row – one on top of the other! Oh my goodness! There is no way to pull these seeds out and separate them as both are small and blend in extremely well with the dirt! Well here goes an experiment I never thought I’d run. Moral of the story:  gardening without coffee is hazardous! By the way, I have my coffee now and I have since realized the error of my way. #gardeningwithoutcoffeeisdangerous #mondayswithoutcoffee #ilearnedmylesson