Rain, Rain – Go Away!


How many of you have found yourself singing that age-old nursery rhyme? Personally, I’ve been humming it quite a bit! This time of the year is really a challenge for me, gardener or not. With fewer opportunities to get Sun rays, my attitude tends to be insufferable but I’m working on that!

With the winter skies comes cold & rain. While I recognize there is a need for rain, I’m just a little perturbed with the random monsoon-like rains that have become the norm of late. Seasonal affective disorder is in full swing! So what have we been doing to cope?

1. Exercising – As soon as we see the Sun we are running for the door! Walking through the neighborhood and basking in the Sun’s light is a sure mood enhancer! If the Sun is playing hide and seek in your neck of the woods, as it is ours, no worries exercise is still a possibility! Here at our home we have several gaming systems that have interactive video games including Zumba & Dancing. These are great since they allow you to release those endorphins right from comfort of your livingroom. If you feel you aren’t that self motivated, invite some friends over! Trust me, it’s a good time waiting to happen!
2. Watching Our Diet – Likely you imagine yourself on a rainy day with your favorite comfort food, coffee or wine, a nice book or Netflix, etc. This is just fine, occasionally. It’s hard, we KNOW! See, the Fall and Winter offer many of these days so if we Netflix and chill with our favorite comfort food, for even half of these days, we’ve put ourselves at risk. Those higher blood sugar levels that are sure to result, increase the risk for depression, quite the opposite of “comfort”. So snack wisely, leave the winter weight gain to the bears.
3. Evaluating – Taking a long, hard, honest look at our own behaviors is hard. However, if things are really unacceptable then you shouldn’t accept it! It may be time to seek more assistance. There are holistic remedies so please sort through those first, always under your doctors supervision. Treatments like light therapy & cognitive behavioral therapy are also options to consider.
So as we beg the rain to go away, let’s make smart choices. After all, Spring is only two and a half months away! Be well – from our family to yours!