The Fresh Factor – Round Two

This week our friends over at Hawkins Homestead Farm joined in on our little adventure. They also went in search of fresh organic produce locally. What did they find?

Everyone has their favorite grocery store. Personally, I have favorites for meats, a different fave for fresh produce & even a different one for dairy & bread! This makes grocery shopping for a family of four a chore – an olympic event – if the budget is tight! So it is vital that when we purchase organic produce we are getting the best for our money. We have to consider the cost versus the quality & quantity.


In our most recent adventure, we found a greater variety of organic produce which was very encouraging! The cons? As with our previous venture, sadly some of the items also showed degradation. As you can see in the middle photo above, the green beans are clearly in bad shape.

So as someone who is trying out this “organic” lifestyle, what do you do when you attempt to purchase organic green beans and they appear to be degrading in the bag? Perhaps you buy them and pick through the bad parts. Will there be a sufficient amount for your family after the fact? Or maybe you head over to your favorite produce grocer and find just what you need though not organic it is half the price! Deal right? Perhaps. There is however another option to consider. Buying local is the surest way, besides growing your own, to bring fresh produce home to your family. Although individual farming practices vary, here at Bain Home Gardens our produce is usually harvested no more than 24 hours before it appears on our farmers market table. Fresh indeed! Just one more reason to buy fresh & to buy local.

We have one more local store to check out. Stay tuned for round three. This could be the knock out round! From our family to yours!

Photos by Hawkins Homestead Farm