We Have Jelly Melons

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram pages, then you already know Bain Home Gardens specializes in the unusual. In fact, it is our hope to make at least half of our garden fresh veggies of the unusual kind. It has been a challenge I must say. Many of the plants we have tried our hands at growing are not native to this area. As such, they are susceptible – perhaps more susceptible – to pests and diseases. Much monitoring and research is needed! We, however, have found it very rewarding! Jelly Melon

So what is  a Jelly Melon? Native to the Kalahari Desert, Jelly Melon is also known as the Horned Melon, the melano, the African horned cucumber, the jelly melon, and the hedged gourd. The taste has been compared to a combination of banana and  passion fruit or a combination of banana, cucumber, and lime. Strange right?! Thus the appeal for us! There are several of these on the vine and currently we are unsure if they will make it to maturity with cooling night temperatures. However, we will post an update by video when we harvest and taste these guys.

Why are we so stoked about this plant? Well it took many attempts to get this one! This plant resulted from the last seed of the packet. The other plants grew, and some even bloomed, but then fell victim to heat and/or disease common to cucurbits. Another reason for our excitement is that this is NOT something you will find in any grocery store in our city. I’m unsure as to how we would ever have tasted this without growing it for ourselves! Our kids will have the pleasure of tasting a fruit from Africa. For me that is really awesome! So much of what  we consume today is based of off availability, supply & demand – ECONOMICS 101. The idea of changing this equation, even if it is just for one household bring such joy!

What will be the outcome of The Jelly Melon Journey? Who knows? Stay tuned – it is just getting interesting!