Kith & Kin – The Dawn

Dawn – “the beginning of a phenomenon or period of time, especially one considered favorable”. This word captures the overwhelming sense of peace and joy that Bain Home Gardens & Hawkins Homestead Farm feel today. Today is the realization of a dream shared. Let me explain.

Several years ago I was asked to be in a wedding. I was excited & nervous but it happened to be the wedding of a dear friend to my husband and I, in fact he was the best man in our own wedding and his soon to be wife was also a friend. It was in the planning of this wedding that Rachel of Hawkins Homestead Farm and I met. We had an interesting phone conversation from which neither of us would have guessed that 5 years later we would feel like sisters.

Rachel eventually moved to the Dothan area and as we talked and spent time together we both realized that we had a love of plants, of doing things ourselves of helping our families be the best they could be. I had personally tried my hand at growing food in fact my mom stayed on me about it after we bought our home. The land begged to be farmed in her eyes. I was busy, my husband a city boy from Miami, Florida had NO DESIRE to farm. To  please my mom I gave a weak attempt – failed. These things I expressed to Rachel as we talked about our hopes and dreams like two little girls off in a fantasy world. Then she said, “Shena, I’m getting chickens.” I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or gasp but I think I was simply in disbelief! To summarize this beautiful story, Rachel grew chickens and some food while I focused on produce. In no time Rachel too was able to expand her energies to include more fresh produce items. We really kept each other going through some serious losses and disappointments on our farms. It means so much to have someone who “gets it”. As we have grown we have met many experienced farmers. The community really is wonderful! We have also traded stories with many in the community that really appreciate our non-GMO, chemical – free, organic practices. We began growing our own produce because we knew there was a need but the extent of that need soon became profusely clear.

As we talked to more and more of our customers and ascertained their needs, we felt that a CSA was the best way to met their needs while at the same time meeting the needs both of our farms. Rachel was subscribed to a CSA up North and was able to share with me the way it worked for her – the pros & cons. As we planned, we adjusted our CSA to better meet the needs of those in our local community. Planned to start in the Fall of 2018, the CSA idea was fading from our fantasy world into reality. However, more time was needed.

Both of our farms had lots to do in preparation for our participation in the Cultivating Change Grant program. If you follow either of us on social media, you will understand why this required time and energy to execute. However, we have been able to gain the support of local businesses throughout the Wiregrass area; forging warm relationships that will last a long time! We also had the pleasure of interviewing with a local news station – a very new experience! We would like to take this moment to thank all if you who bought out the time to vote for us! We did not win the grant but what we did receive in the way of community support means so much to us!


Rachel and I have worked diligently over the last few months with planning, purchasing of organic seeds for succession planting, researching, agonizing to make sure everything is just right! Finally it is here.Kith & Kin CSA is open to accept shares as of today! It’s pretty awesome to have your dreams becoming reality! You can find us on the State of Alabama Farmers Market Authority’s CSA page as well as Local Harvest. We have prepared a nice write-up about our CSA. Within this article any questions you have should be addressed. If however you would like more information, feel free to contact us.