How Was Spring?

There has been much elation here at Bain Home Gardens. Why? Well we have successfully made it through our Spring CSA! You have to understand what a dream come true this has been for us as well as our sister farm, Hawkins Homestead Farm. We have learned so much in the last 12 weeks and we are thankful for every single tid-bit of knowledge. Here are some highlights.


Yes. We had fun! The most enjoyable part of the CSA was making the deliveries and seeing the happy faces of our share holders. Going through their baskets with them, outlining what unique veggies they have received each week was super cool! Our operation is set up in such a way that we did not have this opportunity every week with everyone. However, we did have the pleasure of interacting with members via our private Facebook group page. Here members would share recipes and photos of how they choose to use their produce for the week. Let me tell you, our members are creative and great cooks!

Weekly Baskets

Our Spring CSA ran for 12 weeks. It was our goal each week to provide our share holders with items they could pair together to make meals throughout the week. Most weeks that we harvested for the share holders, we harvested for our families as well. This was nice because it allowed us to share how we were using and at times preserving our fresh produce. Take for instance our Week 7 baskets which included Green Scallop squash. We linked to our group page a video we did last year in which we grilled these indoors on our George Foreman grill. Another instance was with our Week 10 baskets which included eggs and Brussels greens. Rachel shared a tasty breakfast/brunch recipe!

Along with our staple items, each week share holders were provided new and interesting ways to use a unique variety of vegetables. Check out some of our photos below!

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Available Shares

In the last 12 weeks, the support for Kith & Kin CSA has been tremendous! Many of our supporters have inquired as to when are the next shares will be available. We are happy to announce that half shares and full shares for the Fall CSA are now available! Both farms have already begun planning and planting to accommodate even more shares than were offered in the Spring! If you have followed Kith & Kin, you may notice a pricing adjustment. One thing we have recognized is that although we stick to traditional values, our CSA isn’t set up in the traditional CSA business model. For instance, instead of our share holders coming to our farms for pick up weekly, we have chosen to take on the responsibility of bringing the farms to them. This adds to the convenience and ease of use of Kith & Kin. Time and transportation cost, however must be considered.

The 2019 Fall CSA will offer the same quality produce as the Spring CSA with even more variety! Why? Simply put, you get the best of two growing seasons – Summer & Fall! This means Summer veggies such as squash & tomatoes are still readily available! In addition, as the weather cools you can look forward to sweet greens such as collards, mustards, & turnips! Shares will close August 23, 2019.

Thank you to our Spring share holders. You are AWESOME! We look forward to serving you and many more with quality produce from our family to yours!