This Week’s Listings

Welcome to our weekly listings! Thanks for your interest in our certified naturally grown produce. Our family is working very hard to meet the increasing demand for local & naturally grown produce. Around the end of April through the end of June our CSA is in progress so expect listings to be somewhat limited during these 8 weeks as our members are supplied first.


From this page you will find what items are currently available from our farm. This page is updated as items are sold. New listings are posted Monday’s by 12 p.m. . Once your order is processed, delivery will be arranged. Generally orders made before 2 p.m. will be delivered the same day. Since we are closed on Sunday there will be no deliveries on Sunday. In keeping with CDC guidelines, we ask that you please leave a cooler at delivery site as all our deliveries will be contact-less. We will notify you once delivery is made. All deliveries incur a $3 delivery fee. This must be paid in addition to your produce order, to be paid once per order. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS! 

Week of October 26th

Jams & Jellies

Alabama Law prohibits the sale of jams and jellies onlineIf you would like to purchase these items, payment must be made upon delivery. Please reach out to us via our contact page with the name of the jam you would like to purchase and we will promptly get back to you. You can find the descriptions and pricing below.


Spicy Blackberry Nectarine Jam – We took our farm grown blackberries and added to them our farm grown nectarines and topped off with hot peppers. Instead of granulated sugar, we sweetened with light agave syrup. It may seem like an unlikely flavor combination however if you can take the heat then we are sure you will love the flavor. A great selection for those looking for low sugar jams. $7 for a 4 oz jar, due upon delivery.


watermelon jelly

Water-minty Jelly – Summertime is not complete until you have had a good, juicy watermelon! We have borrowed that sweet, refreshing flavor and paired it with the lovable herb – mint! This jelly is great on EVERYTHING! $6 for 4 oz jar  * $9 for 8 oz jar *  $12 for 16 oz jar due upon delivery.


alcohol alcoholic bar beverage

Water-mojito Jelly – We added a twist to your classic Watermelon Jelly by lime and mint! This refreshing jelly is a great spread for whatever your heart can imagine! $6 for 4 oz jar  * $9 for 8 oz jar *  $12 for 16 oz jar due upon delivery.



Hot Under the Bonnet Pepper Jelly – This pepper jelly is made with our very own home grown peppers, the stars being our Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. WARNING: IT IS HOT!  Despite the heat the flavor is excellent especially on meats. Add it to your breakfast sandwich for an extra punch of flavor or try it on your grilled meats! $9 for an 8 oz jar due upon delivery.


Peach Thyme Jam – Summer peaches with a hint of a classic herb we all love and cant seem to get enough of Thyme. This sophisticated flavor pairs well with brie and crackers. $9 for an 8 oz jar due upon delivery.

Basil & Citrus Twist 5 oz Jar

Basil & Citrus Twist is an invigorating orange citrus scent enveloped in an herbal bouquet.Top notes of citrus and sweet basil give way to a prominent orange peel note. Each handcrafted candle has been carefully infused with orange, lemon, mint, spearmint and eucalyptus & meticulously inlaid with basil pieces straight from the Bain Home Gardens. These make fantastic and unique gifts ideas for that special someone in your life.


Lemon & Mint Pound Cake 5 oz Jar

The mouth watering aroma of warm lemon pound cake with a sprig of mint! Lemon & Mint Pound Cake combines fresh bakery notes of yellow pound cake, sweet lemon and vanilla glaze and fresh springtime mint. Each handcrafted candle has been carefully infused with lemon, clove, spearmint, eucalyptus, cornmint and armoise oil & meticulously inlaid with mint pieces straight from the Bain Home Gardens. These make fantastic and unique gift ideas for that special someone in your life.


Hot Pepper Basket

This is a mix of mild to hot peppers currently growing on the farm. You get 6-8. Variety is based on availability. Scotch Bonnet Peppers are not included in this basket.

4.00 $

Terry’s Scotch Bonnet Pepper Basket

The Scotch Bonnet Pepper can be used in many ways! It is traditionally used in Jamaican Jerk sauce, Jerk Chicken and Curry Goat dishes. However its sweet heat pairs nicely with fish as well. With a Scoville rating of 100,000 to 350,000, just be warned this little pepper packs a punch! You get 4 peppers per order.

7.00 $


This herb is a staple of Asian cooking and we see why! The flavor is amazing coupled with a fragrant aroma. We especially enjoy it in tea. You get 3 stalks harvested to order

5.00 $


Who doesn’t love Basil! From pesto to tomato sauces, you really cannot go wrong however you prepare it! You get a 1 ounce bundle from the available varieties on the farm. Harvested to order.

3.00 $

Delivery Fee

Delivery Fee – Inside Dothan City Limits only. If outside of Dothan City Limits please message prior to purchasing so proper arrangements can be made.

3.00 $