This Week’s Listings

Welcome to our weekly listings! Thanks for your interest in our certified naturally grown produce. Our family is working very hard to meet the increasing demand for local & naturally grown produce.


From this page you will find what items are currently available from our farm. This page is updated as items are sold. New listings are posted Monday’s by 12 p.m. . Once your order is processed, delivery will be arranged. Generally orders made before 2 p.m. will be delivered the same day. Since we are closed on Sunday there will be no deliveries on Sunday. In keeping with CDC guidelines, we ask that you please leave a cooler at delivery site as all our deliveries will be contact-less. We will notify you once delivery is made. All deliveries incur a $5 delivery fee. This must be paid in addition to your produce order, to be paid once per order. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS! 

Our Square Site web page can be accessed here. Listings are being added weekly.

Aji Amarillio Chili Pepper

This chili has to be the fruitiest hot pepper we grow! It is excellent in salsas and pepper jellies. We think it would also be great in spreads – that is if you can handle the heat! It ranges 30,000 – 50,000 on the Scoville. You get 1 ounce of peppers (5 – 6 peppers). For Square Pay click the link below:


Banana Leaf

Banana leaves have multiple uses besides looking beautiful. Those who grill may find it interesting to know that wrapping meat in a banana leaf prior to grilling helps to seal in flavor and moisture. In fact, in some areas where aluminum foil is not an option banana leaves are used to wrap food for transport. You may even decide to get fancy, as we did, and have Luau dinner. Please let us know how you make use of the fantastic banana leaf! You get one large leaf. For Square Pay click the link below:


Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm has made a name for itself in the herbal community for years. Recently we are learning there are more versatile uses for this herb, Use in teas, as a marinate for chicken or fish, of flavor baked foods and jams – the possibilities are endless! You get a 1 ounce bundle. For Square Pay click the link below:


Orange Habanero

Orange Habanero has creeped into our hearts here on the farm! It is super duper hot but we have learned how to use it in daily cooking but especially is it great for hot sauces! You get one pound eight ounces of these Certified Naturally Grown peppers (5 – 6). It is tied with our Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers for hottest pepper we grow at 100,000 – 350,000 on the Scoville! ONE GOES A LONG WAY! For Square Pay click the link below:



Add to your favorite Italian pasta sauce, add to water to enhance flavor, or make a dry rub for meats – the possibilities are endless. You get a half ounce bundle harvested to order. For Square pay click the link below:


Parsley Bundle

Parsley is slowing moving into our hearts here at Bain Home Gardens. We love to pick it right before adding to our soups and pastas. You get a 2 ounce bundle which will be from our Flat Leaf or Curled variety based on availability. For Square Pay click the link below:


Purple Bell

We love Purple veggies at Bain Home Gardens! These Purple Bells are among our favorites to harvest! They, like our Purple Snap Beans, do a color change when cooked and revert back to green. They are truly fun to cook with! You get 3 per order. For Square Pay click the link below:


Rainbow Pepper Basket

These heatless peppers are great for cooking or fresh eating! All the different colors offers all types of antioxidants. Flavor with health benefit is what we call a WIN-WIN situation! You get 7 ounces. For Square Pay click the link below:


Thai Long Bean

Harvested while young, these can reach 12 inches easy! We make the best use of every inch by chopping for use as snap beans as a side dish or for mixing in with other garden fresh vegetables for a nice stir fry. These have quickly become a Bain Home Garden favorite to grow as they have the most gorgeous blossoms! Did we mention they taste great?! This listing provides 1 pound of beans. For Square Pay click the link below:


Delivery Fee

Delivery Fee – Inside Dothan City Limits only. If outside of Dothan City Limits please message prior to purchasing so proper arrangements can be made. For Square Pay click the link below:



Lavender Fields Candle

Enjoy the relaxing scent of Lavender Fields & imagine yourself running through a beautiful meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender. Each handcrafted candle has been carefully infused with lavender, orange, lemon and cedarwood meticulously inlaid with lavender pieces straight from the Bain Home Gardens. These make fantastic and unique gift ideas for that special someone in your life. For Square Pay click the link below:


Jams & Jellies

We are thrilled to be restocking our jams and jellies for the 2021 season! We will be adding new flavors and the weeks ensue. What can you look forward to this season? Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly, Blueberry Reaper Pepper Jelly, and Blueberry Jam to name a few!

Alabama Law prohibits the sale of jams and jellies online. If you would like to purchase these items, payment must be made upon delivery. Please reach out to us via our contact page with the name of the jam you would like to purchase and we will promptly get back to you. You can find the descriptions and pricing below. 

Aji Mango Jelly

When we combined our Aji Amarillo pepper with mango we had no idea how flavorful it would be! We diluted the peppers quite a bit to make a very mild, tropical pepper jelly that is good on everything! This jelly is currently available in the following sizes: 4 ounces ($6), 8 ounces ($9), and 16 ounces ($15).

Blueberry Pear Preserves

We took locally grown pears and blueberries and combined them for a delectable treat! These can be used on biscuits, pancakes, bagels – the options are endless! This treat is currently available in the following sizes: 8 ounces ($9)