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Welcome to happiness! We love flowers as they bring us so much happiness! With their quiet beauty they also bring much joy to the wildlife on our farm – bees, hummingbirds, and even rabbits! We enjoy brining in and arranging a bouquet for our table or bar from time to time. In speaking to our community we discovered you guys have the same love of beauty that we do! Therefore we decided to begin offering our homegrown flowers to you. This year we are making this easier than ever by offering you two ways to get your locally grown flowers: as available online or with our flower subscription. No need run to the grocery store weekly to pick of a fresh bouquet because we are bringing the flowers to you!

What You Can Expect

Our growing practices for our flowers are exactly the same as for our produce. They are Certified Naturally Grown. So when you place a bouquet of our flowers on your dining room tables, you can have the utmost confidence that they are safe, free from harmful chemicals.

Your flowers will always be fresh. We harvest and arrange your flowers no more than 24hrs prior to your weekly delivery. As long as you follow the instructions, your beautiful array of flowers will last right up until your next delivery or longer!

You will get a weekly email detailing the flower variety in your arrangement and other pertinent details. If you like getting to know the history of certain flowers you will enjoy the newsletter as we will briefly discuss origin of these beauties. Occasionally we may even include photos you have shared with us showing how you used your bouquet throughout the week.

Flower selection may include but not are not limited to Lilly, Zinnia, Sunflower, Calendula, Bachelors Buttons, Cosmos, Nasturtium & more!

Each week your arrangement will include at least one edible item from herbs to edible flowers to edible leaves! Each week we will communicate to you via the newsletter what special edible treat is within you bouquet.

What Are The Terms

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