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Why does anyone garden other that to eat the fresh produce from their own garden! I mean that is the goal – right? That is exactly the sentiment I had when we began harvesting produce for the first time.  We had a little of this & a little of that and not enough of anything to really make any difference.  So what to do with all of it? As we searched the internet we realized that most bloggers were harvesting massive amounts of produce at a time so their blogs, though inspiring, were of no benefit to us! So what’s a woman to do?! I took matters into my own hands.

I thought back to the days of my youth, raised by a single mother on a fixed income, things were often tight monetarily. You could rarely tell by the way our dinners came together. Mom had this beautiful way of taking whatever was in the pantry and just making it work! We ate like royalty! No joke.  So join us as we over season, under season, and on the beautiful occasion, get the recipe just right! We began documenting our journey by means of a video series on Facebook, From Our Garden to Your Table. Since our website is in full swing, we will now be adding our successful recipes in this section of our web page.  We are by no means claiming to be chefs, but if you care to join, we will gladly take you on our exciting, albeit novice, journey!

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