Summer Plant Sale – July – August 2020


Living in the South certainly has its cons – heat, humidity, the mosquitoes and the gnats! However I choose to focus on the pros. One of these is year round growing! That is where our clean start plants come in. We are offering a few of our starts to help you supplement your Summer garden. We know that many Spring planted crops can easily fall victim to heat, disease or pests so it never hurts to have an ace in the hole to ensure continual harvests all season long! Currently only Summer crops are available but check back at the end of August for our Fall plants.


As with our Weekly Listings page, you may chose to request an invoice for the plants you are desiring for ease of purchase. Use our Contact Us page.  If purchasing from the page be sure to purchase delivery fee.

Updated 8/10/20

We are glad to see you guys filling those empty spaces in your gardens! This week we are down to cantaloupe and peppers. We are already starting Fall plants for the Fall plant sale that will kick off September 15th! These will include herbs and leafy greens. Stay tuned!



Delivery Fee

Delivery Fee - inside Dothan City Limits only. If outside of Dothan City Limits please message prior to purchasing anything so proper arrangements can be made.