Homesteaders Corner

Let’s admit it. There are things that happen in a homesteaders life that only a fellow homesteader would ever understand. You are with a group of associates and everyone else is talking about their awesome beach vacation. When it is your turn to share you mention the success of the late Okra harvest or your excitement over the one blueberry you harvest from your youngest blueberry bush and instant crickets. 34772239_619936195027531_2123350145159397376_oYep! The only ones who get homesteaders are your fellow homesteaders. So welcome to Homesteaders Corner. This is a safe place where we will share our unique homesteading stories. Some of these things are quite sad and others leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Think of this as your support group. As you read our anecdotes please free to comment about your own experiences as well. Let’s laugh and cry together.  In no time you will see this homesteading thing can be your reality!


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