Each year we add another growing adventure to our belts because there is so much we want to learn to grow to sustain our family and bring to you – our community! Peppers have been at the top of that list since we began. This year we added 6 new peppers to the farm! They are growing very nicely. However this sale does not center on them but the oldie but goodies that over wintered in the high tunnel! Mr. Bain Home Gardener spent a good hour just harvesting peppers in the high tunnel yesterday evening. YES – WE HAD THAT MANY! Still there are more to harvest! So we are adjusting our prices just for today – July 12, 2021 for our flash sale. Each item has more quantity than usual at a reduced price as we want to move these peppers out today while they are fresh! Below is a list of peppers available. Remember orders before 2 pm. will be delivered before the close of that day. Orders after 2 p.m. will be delivered the next business day. Happy shopping!