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Here at Bain Home Gardens we love to grow new and exciting varieties of the vegetables and herbs you already know and love. If you have been following our journey then you know this to be the crux of our adventure. I mean if you are already growing why not grow something really cool? Along with growing the out of the ordinary produce items comes the challenge of understanding what it is and just how to consume it while preserving the nutrients God intended for us to digest and benefit from. But how? We are glad that you asked because that is why we created this safe space. There is no judgment here. If we are being honest, most of these produce items we had never tasted before growing ourselves! As we harvest we head straight to the kitchen experimenting with recipes we have found on the web. Some of these we have amended and made our own and others have survived the Bain test! Here you will find some of our unique items along with some of the usual. We have also found neato ways of preserving our homegrown goodness and are willing to share those storage tips with you as well. If you have found something unique at your local markets and need some assistance sorting out how to use it please let us know. We would love to add it to our growing list of fun veggies! Ready? Let’s grow, preserve and eat!

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