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Journey To A Healthier Me – Water

As far as water goes, everyone knows how important it is to the Earth and our human bodies. I’ll spare you that lecture. I was once the person that drank the recommended amount of water a day. It wasn’t even something I even had to monitor it was just a part of my life. Somewhere between the birth of our second child and the rest of life, I lost it. Looking back I can see that many of my poor dieting choices began because I was not drinking enough water. Instead I drank sugary drinks, teas, and supposed fruit juices that really were loaded with sugar which in turn led to me craving more sugar to which I turned to junk food! This realization is why drinking the recommended amount of water daily is my first step towards a healthier me. I’ve taken this past week to focus on this area. Below you will find a break down of how it went. During the course of the week I will not allow myself to drink anything else besides coffee – because I must have coffee – until the 64 oz are completed.

That is the last seven days of my life in a nutshell! I’m hoping it will pave the way for many more days of healthy life choices. As I have posted on Facebook about this, many of the public are already in a good pattern of drinking water. That is amazing! Keep up the good choices! For those of us that lost their zeal for water, it isn’t to late to rejuvenate that love; it just takes some effort.

Drinking water is one of many things I need to improve on, starting tomorrow I will add a second area in my journey to a healthier me! Stay tuned!

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